The 8th edition droidcon Berlin took place at Postbahnhof from June 15 - 17, 2016.
Photo: cc-by-sa 2.0 Jan Michalko

Global News July

  July is wrapping up with even more news, more impressions and more important announcements  from the world of droidcon!   Impressions   droidcon Zagreb took place earlier in April, and the team shared beautiful photos from the event on their Facebook page. Feel free to take a look, tag your friends and share!   […]

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The barcamp of droidcon Berlin 2016 took place at Postbahnhof on June 15.
Photo: cc-by-sa 3.0 Jan Michalko

Global News June

  Impressions:   droidcon Berlin just wrapped up on June,18 and we have a lot to look back to!   The 8th edition of the developer conference traditionally took place in Postbahnhof and hosted more than 900 attendees (last year’s record broken!). Amongst numerous impressive talks and workshops, keynote talks by Corey Leigh Latislaw and […]

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Besucher der Droidcon Berlin am 04.06.2015 im Postbahnhof in Berlin.
Foto: Gregor Fischer / Droidcon Berlin

Global News May

    Summer is finally there, which means our tech community has a lot to look forward to besides great weather!   Upcoming droidcons   droidcon Berlin stands at the door starting with a barcamp on June,15. Main sessions will take place on June, 16-17. You can still get involved and secure your ticket here. […]

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”I’m doing droidcon Dubai just out of passion” – interview with Mohamad Harastani

  Right after droidcon Dubai we chatted with Mohamad Harastani, one of the organizers, about his impressions and plans for the future.     How did you find out about droidcon and had the idea to organize droidcon Dubai? I love droidcon and I’ve known about it from Berlin for years. I am doing it […]

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Global news April

  droidcon season is in full swing, and there’s a lot of great news to share:   Upcoming droidcons:   droidcon Zagreb is getting ready to welcome tech-head community for the second time on April, 28-29 opening the conference with a hackathon on April, 27. You can still be a part of it! Get your […]

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Global news March

    droidcon 2016 season has finally started and spring is shaping up to be a very busy time for all droidcon aficionados, so there’s a lot of ground to cover:   Impressions:   droidcon Tunisia took place earlier this month, check their Facebook page for presentation downloads and first photos. Make sure to watch […]

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Ein Droidbot-Aufsteller auf der Droidcon Berlin am 04.06.2015 im Postbahnhof in Berlin.
Foto: Gregor Fischer / Droidcon Berlin

Global News February

Next droidcons   It‘s February already which means droidcon season 2016 is about to kick off. First one up is  droidcon Tunisia (March, 5th-6th), supported by Smart Tunisia for the first time! Check out this year‘s speaker lineup here:   droidcon Bucharest will be opening in March, 12th-13th. Get your ticket now! It’s also […]

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Global News January

Welcome to 2016, a year packed with droidcons!       Next droidcons:   We are starting off with droidcon Tunisia on March 5-6. Find all important information on their website and follow their twitter account @droidconTN. Only one week later, on March 12-13 droidcon Bucharest kicks off. Get the latest news on their website. […]

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droidcon Moscow 2015: How did it go?

Alexander Vasiliev, Founder of Apps4All developer community and organizer of droidcon Moscow told us about the event and why he loves droidcon.   How did you get to know droidcon & when and how did you come up with the idea to organize droidcon Moscow? I am a co-founder of the Apps4All developer community. We […]

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droidcon Dubai joins conference management system

We are proud to introduce to you the newthinking conference management system (NCMS) – a content management system especially tailored to the needs of conferences. The NCMS has been developed by the Berlin-based event & IT company newthinking communications GmbH.   In the previous years it has already been used by various conferences organized by newthinking, […]

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Droidcon Berlin 2015 - Tag 2

Global News November

    New Dates     We are happy to announce the new dates of droidcon San Franscisco and droidcon Berlin!Attend the conference in San Franscisco on March 17, 2016  – March 18, 2016 at Fort Mason Center, listen to different lectures and best-in-class presentations from leaders in all parts of the Android ecosystem. You […]

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“First milestone achieved!” – Interview with the organizers of droidcon Greece

   Shortly after droidcon Greece Andreas Gebhard asked the organizers Eliza Camberogiannis and Panayotis Tzinis about their experiences. They talked about organizing a droidcon, their struggles and achievements as well as about their plans for the future.   First of all: How did you get to know droidcon and when and how did you come […]

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Global News October

    Latest announcments   We are happy to announce the second edition of droidcon Kraków! Attend the conference on December 4th-5th, 2015, listen to different lectures and take part in the following hackathon on December 6th. You want to become part of the droidcon Kraków conference program? The call for papers is open and is […]

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Droidcon Berlin 2015 - Tag 3

Global News September

  Next droidcons   Summer is slowly ending, but you can look forward to an autumn full of exciting droidcon conferences.   One of the biggest tech conferences in Greece kicks off in a few days on September 10-12. Join three days of sessions, tutorials, codelabs, workshops and barcamp at droidcon Thessaloniki. There are still […]

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Global News August

  We want you on stage   Three droidcons are looking for your ideas and proposals for amazing sessions about wearables, design, games, core Android development, Android TV, smart-home, Android in business, trends, hardware and many more exciting topics. If you are thinking about sharing your ideas, discoveries and experiences with hundreds of fellow developers, […]

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Global News July

  Next droidcon   We’re counting down to droidcon New York on August 27th. Don’t miss out and book your ticket for $299.00 now. Tickets for the regular price are available until August 11th. Register here! You still have the chance to shape the program of droidcon New York. Take a look at all the […]

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Global News Round-up June

We are happy to look back on two successful droicons – droidcon Berlin and droidcon Tel Aviv. The 7th edition of droidcon Berlin took place at Postbahnhof Berlin and hosted 90+ speakers and more than 800 attendees. More than 40 hours of program have been recorded and made available online. Amongst numerous interesting talks, the inspiring keynote […]

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Global News Round-up: May 2015

  With five droidcons April was an intense, yet exciting month! Before we take a look back at five amazing events, let’s have a look at whats coming next.   The next droidcon for this year will be droidcon Berlin from June 3 till June 6, 2015: 65 speakers and over 40 hours of program on […]

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Intel® Software women sponsorship for upcoming droidcons

We are excited to announce that Intel® Software is investing in women developers at all upcoming global droidcon conferences in 2015.   Women developers from all over the world get the chance to apply for the sponsorship. The financial support includes reduced tickets and the refund for travel and accommodation costs, up to a maximum […]

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droidcon global news round-up

  April is going to be an exciting month: With five droidcons ahead there are a lot of important news.   Call for Papers:   Right now three droidcons are looking for your ideas, but their Call for Papers will end soon: If you want to speak at droidcon Dubai, you got to be quick! […]

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droidcon Dubai is looking for you!

60 days from now the first edition of droidcon Dubai will open its doors. The conference will take place from April 14 – 16, 2015 at Dubai Internet City. It starts off with a Barcamp on April 14, where you can spontaneously contribute your favourite topic and get to know some fellow Android enthusiasts. On […]

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Call for Papers: Five droidcons are waiting for your ideas! [Update]

With 20+ droidcons expected in 2015 there is always a lot of news. In the future we will provide more information on our blog, starting today with an overview of all current Call for Papers.     At the moment five droidcons from all around the world are looking for your ideas and proposals for amazing […]

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Get your ticket for droidcon Berlin!

We’re starting into a new year, looking forward to an exciting time for the global Android community with more droidcon conferences than ever before! One of them is droidcon Berlin, which will take place from June 3-5, 2015 at Postbahnhof Berlin. At the moment, there are some Early Bird tickets left. Buy one of the […]

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A short preview of droidcon Bangalore

India is one of the most interesting developing markets for mobile devices. Its huge potential attracts developers and manufacturers around the globe. This december droidcon Bangalore brings together developers, app designers and content providers to discuss the latest trends around Android and the challenges associated with a mobile ecosystem that thrives on open­ source software […]

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Announcing droidcon Berlin 2015

In 2015 droidcon will be back in Berlin for the 7th edition! It will take place from June 3-5 at Postbahnhof (google maps link: Straße der Pariser Kommune 8, 10243 Berlin).   The venue “Postbahnhof” with its 3000 m² offers various possibilities for unique events. It impresses with its gothic brick stylings and exciting architectural geometry. Right […]

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droidcon Berlin: A brief retrospective

The sixth droidcon Berlin was a huge success. The tagline “Android everywhere” attracted more than 700 participants per day to join the developer conference and the barcamp to discuss topics of the android ecosystem. In addition to smartphones and tablets the main focus was the entry of android into new technological fields like automotive, mobile […]

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Cooperation: droidcon & newthinking

newthinking is set to become co-organiser of the Berlin droidcon and will also take charge of coordinating the global events, in co-operation with the droidcon team. The berlin-based company for open source strategies and projects will act as a contact point for all partners, sponsors, as well as the whole community. Using its events, know-how and […]

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droidcons to come

next droidcons are coming to Amsterdam, Bangalore, Stockholm and Madrid + more dates for 2014 …

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droidcon Amsterdam 2013 Call for Papers now open …

droidconNL 2013 has started selling tickets this ‘early morning’ and the Call for Papers is now open. And just because it is sooo early that we started to sell the tickets, we sell them for the small price of Eur. 50,-, dirt cheap and buy them now here…

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droidcon Tunis to be opened by tunisian ICT minister Mr. Mongi Marzouk

coming up is the 2nd edition of Droidcon Tunis.

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conference program for droidcon Berlin >95% locked down

check out the detailed agenda for the two conference days (9th and 10th of April 2013) Conference Program Berlin

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    Droidcon is the largest global network of developer conferences with a focus on the best in Android. We are dedicated to supporting the Android platform and creating a neutral global network for developers and companies. Our first droidcon conference was held in 2009 in Berlin and since then it has spread to over 20 countries across 4 continents, thus rapidly extending our community-driven conference format around the globe.

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    Global News July

      July is wrapping up with even more news, more impressions and more important announcements  from the world of droidcon!   Impressions   droidcon Zagreb took place earlier in April, and the team shared beautiful photos from the event on their Facebook page. Feel free to take a look, tag your friends and share!   […]

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